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Does ZeroWater Remove Barium?

Does ZeroWater Remove Barium?

YES! When tested with 75 litres of filtration, ZeroWater removes 99.9% of Barium from your tap water.

The Premium 5-Stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System reduces more contaminants than standard 2-Stage filters.

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How does Barium get into your water?


Barium is a lustrous, machinable metal which exists in nature only in ores containing mixtures of elements.

Barium is a naturally occurring alkaline earth metal more commonly found in brine water or fluids associated with oil and gas development.

In addition, barium can be found in landfill leachate, coal waste, paints, corrosion inhibitors, deicing products, and high octane fuels.

Barium is used to make:

  • dyes
  • fireworks
  • ceramics
  • electrical components
  • glass
  • Barium is used as a component in drilling mud.

Barium is not an extensively used element.

Most is used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells. It is also used in paint and in glass making.

All barium compounds are toxic; however, barium sulfate is insoluble and so can be safely swallowed.

The Health Implications of Barium

Barium (Ba+2) can cause an increase in blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, muscle weakness, and affects the nervous and circulatory system.

For drinking water the maximum contaminant level are around 2.0 mg/L or 2000 ppb.

Barium - Is regulated as a primary drinking water standard, because it is associated with a potential health concern.

The short-term or acute problems include gastrointestinal disturbance and muscular weakness and the long-term impacts associated with high blood pressure.

It has also been suggested to cause kidney damage and cause problems with the nervous system.

The following are the water treatment systems that can be used to remove barium from water ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening, and electrodialysis.

Click here for more information regarding the stringent testing process of ZeroWater filters.

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