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Floor-Standing Cooler

Welcome to Culligan ZeroWater - Revolutionising Hydration with Our Floor-Standing Cooler
Elevate your water experience with our innovative Floor-Standing Cooler, designed to provide unparalleled freshness and convenience. Our cooler is not just a source of hydration; it's a statement of purity and sustainability.

Advanced 5-Stage Filtration System

Experience water like never before with our cutting-edge 5-stage filtration system.
Say goodbye to impurities, Lead, Fluoride, Chromium & PFOAs, ensuring every sip is crisp, clean, and refreshing.

No Monthly Bottle Charges

Unlike standard water cooler companies, we’ve eliminated the hassle of monthly bottle changes.
Our Floor-Standing Cooler is designed for efficiency, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted access to pure water without the frequent bottle replacements.

Sustainable Hydration

Join us in our commitment to sustainability.
With Culligan ZeroWater, you’re not just choosing a water cooler; you're choosing an eco-friendly solution.
Reduce plastic waste and contribute to a healthier planet.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Our Floor-Standing Cooler combines functionality with aesthetics.
The sleek design seamlessly blends into any space, while the sturdy construction ensures durability for long-lasting hydration convenience.
Perfect for any household or workplace.

80 Cup / 23L Bottle

80 Cup / 23L Bottle

Floor-standing Water Cooler Base

Floor-standing Water Cooler Base

Floor-standing Water Cooler Base with 80 Cup / 23L Bottle

Floor-standing Water Cooler Base with 80 Cup / 23L Bottle

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