Submit your water quality reading & Receive a £5 Voucher!

We want to build a picture of the quality of tap water throughout the UK.
Send us the reading from your water quality meter of UNFILTERED tap water in your area.

We'll provide a voucher code for £5 off your next pack of replacement filters as a thank you
(Redeemable on 4-pack or 8-pack replacement filters).

Check your water quality

Only ZeroWater removes virtually all dissolved solids from water. We feel so passionate about it that we provide a free water quality meter with all of our jugs.

Our Water Quality Meter - What does it do?

‘TDS’ or Total Dissolved Solids are classified as contaminants that include, but are not limited to Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Nitrates and Sulfates. Our Water Quality Meter measures the ‘TDS’ reading of your water so you can see the amount of Total Dissolved Solids coming out of your tap.

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